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“Ignite innovation and drive the potential of future advancements with each and every charge.”

– Guangxi Donglai New Energy Technology Co. Ltd

18650 Lithium-ion Battery 2000mah/5C (2)
Pre-charge Area
China Lithium Battery - Raw Materials


Elevating battery Performance, Nurturing Partnerships, Ensuring Safety use

Excellence: With unwavering focus on quality and reliability, our batteries ensure seamless performance across diverse applications.

Partnering in Growth: We see our clients as innovation partners, tailoring solutions to amplify your market presence and drive remarkable growth.

Safety, Always: Rigorous testing, advanced safety features, and compliance underpin batteries that not only perform, but also prioritize user and environmental safety.

About Guangxi Donglai New Energy Technology Co. Ltd

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A leading manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, mainly for 18650 and 21700.

three production bases

Staff of over 400 and a daily output of 400,000 pcs.

9 R & D

Quality control and innovation

three production bases

with grand production capacity

Guangxi Donglai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.,

Daily production capacity of 130,000 pcs.

Annual output value of USD 20 million.

Noda New Energy (Dongguan) Technology Co., Ltd.

Daily production capacity of 100,000 pcs.

Annual output value of USD 17 million.

Jiangxi Hualiyuan Lithium Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Daily production capacity of 180,000 pcs.

Annual output value of USD 30 million.


The company was established as a contemporary enterprise in the field of new energy, specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of premium batteries.

We stand as a dependable and inventive battery manufacturer, delivering top-notch lithium-ion batteries.

Through its state-of-the-art technology and unwavering dedication to quality, the company has earned recognition as a frontrunner in the battery manufacturing industry.

Why with us

Guangxi Donglai New Energy Technology Co. Ltd


Good quality & safety

modern facilities and R&D center assure the battery good and stable quality.


competitive price

good price directly obtain from the battery manufacturer


quick delivery

Grand production capacity and stock assure the quick delivery

Wild Application of our battery

Electronic products

Electronic products

Electric bicycle

Electric bicycle

Medical equipment

Medical equipment

Electric scooter

Electric scooter

Mobile lighting

Mobile lighting

Electrical tools

Power tools

Power wall

Power wall

UPS backup power supply

UPS backup power supply

Solar street light

Solar street light

Photographic equipment

Photographic equipment

More about us

Human Resources

Proportion of each department

  • General worker  —  54%
  • Managerial staff — 23%
  • Functional division — 23%

Proportion of research personnel

  • Research personnel — 88.7%
  • Others — 11.3%

Proportion of each age group

  • 16 – 25 — 22%
  • 26 – 35 —43%
  • 35 – 34 — 20%
  • Over 45 — 14%

Our facilities


Mixing Area


Coating Area


Rolling Area


Slitting Area


Winding Area


Battery Storage

The batteries just off the production line are being standing and capacity graded.

Pre-charge Area

Battery warehouse

Packing Area


18650 battery - normal packing

18650 Battery – Normal Packing

18650 battery - normal packing 2
Container loading for export

Container Loading for export


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