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Portable Power Station 200W

  • Brand:  Customize
  • Wattage:  200 W
  • Power Source:  Solar Powered, Battery Powered
  • Recommended Uses For Product:  Camping
  • Voltage:  220 V / 110 V
  • Output Wattage:  200 W
  • Special Feature:  Portable
  • Included Components:  Battery Pack
  • Gross weight of carton: 2 KG


Technical Data

Item Description Specification
Input DC input DC5521 12-24V/1-5A Adapter
Solar input DC5521 12-24V/1-5A Solar panel
Car charger input DC5521 12-24V/1-5A Car charger
AC output 220V / 110V AC output voltage AC220V ± 5% / AC110V ± 5% (optional feature)
AC output power 200W
AC output over power protection Approx.210W
AC output waveform Fix the sine wave
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
USB output USB1 output USB-A(x2U口) 5V-3A/15W(1ax)
USB2 output USB-A QC3.0 fast charge 5V-3A,9V-2A,12V-1.5A /18W(Max)
TYPE-C1 output USB-C PDfast charge 5V-3A,9V-3A/27W(Mlax)
DC12V output DC1 DC2, output 12V/6A-72W (Max)
LED light 1W Two-level dimming lighting, SOS flash mode
Cell Type Cars powered lithium battery 18650 cylindrical
Cell capacity □ 2600mAh/3. 7V total capacity 52000mAh

□ 2600mAh/3.7V total capacit 41600mAh

□ 3350mAh/3.6V total capacity 67000mAh

Battery pack power □ 13Ah/14.8V (192Wh) 4S5

□10.4 Ah/14.8V (153.92Wh) 4S4P

□16.7Ah/14.4V (248Wh) 4S5P

Cycle life >1000 cycles
Charging parameters Power adapter DC 15V/2A
Charging from 0% to 100% (auto cutout) 7h
Voltage when fully charged 16.8V ± 0.1V
LED screen information Battery level,charging, charging off state indicated, power level measured in percentage and bar, interface icons DC, AC, inverter status and available time display
Static power Static power when turning on <10W


Safety protection Short circuit, overload, over temperature, over voltage, over current, under voltage
Over-temperature protection ≥85℃
Over-temperature recovery ≤70℃


Reference Time for Charging/Power Supply

Device Power Charging Time

(Reference Time)

Charging Time

(Reference Time)

Charging Time

(Reference Time)

Product capacity


Product capacity


Product capacity


Cellphone 4000mAh ≈13 cycles ≈10.4 cycles ≈16.7 cycles
LED light 10W =19.2 hours ≈15.3 hours ≈24.1 hours
Beauty device 15W ≈12.8 cycles ≈10.2 cycles =16 cycles
LED light 30W ≈6.4 hours =5.1 hours =8.2 hours
Tungsten lamp bulb 40W =4.8 hours =3.8hours =6 hours
Drone 45W ≈4.2 cycles ≈3.4 cycles ≈5.3 cycles
Laptop 50W ≈3.8 hours ≈3.0 hours =4.8 hours
Household fan/TV 60W =3.2 hours =2.5 hours =4 hours
Rechargeable water gun 80W =2.4 cycles ≈1.9 cycles ≈3.1 cycles
Projector 100W ≈1.9 hours ≈1.5 hours =2.4 hours
Mini bar 120W =1.6 hours =1.2 hours =2 hours
Juicer 150W =1.2 hours ≈1.0 hours =1.6 hours
Balance scooter 200W =0.9 cycles =0.7hours =1.2 cycles

Note: The charging time for each of the devices as mentioned as 1.9 cyclesprovided for reference only, the exact charging time may vary in products and the methods of use.


List of Components

Material Code

Material Name





Main unit X-G200 PCS 1


User Manual Operation instructions PCS 1


Carton Neutral carton PCS 1




Warranty Card Warranty Card PCS 1


Power adapter Charger + Power cord PCS 1


Packaging Instructions

1. Packaging quantity: 1 PCS

2. Gross weight of carton: 2KG

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