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3 Types of Lithium Battery with Different Cases

Soft Pack Vs Steel Case Vs Aluminum Case Lithium Battery

At present, according to the case material, lithium batteries on the market can be divided into soft-pack lithium batteries, aluminum-case lithium batteries and steel-case lithium batteries . You may wonder which one is better and what advantages do they have? Now, let’s find out the answers.

1. Strengths of soft pack lithium battery

(1) Good safety performance

Since the soft-pack lithium battery is packaged in aluminum-plastic film, the soft-pack lithium battery will generally not explode if there is a safety hazard, but will only bulge or crack.

(2) Lightweight

The weight of the soft pack lithium battery is about 20% lighter than that of the aluminum shell battery.

(3) Large battery capacity

Comparing the soft-pack lithium battery with the aluminum case battery of the same specification, the capacity of the aluminum case battery is about 5~10% higher.

(4) Small internal resistance

At present, the internal resistance of the soft-pack lithium battery has reached a minimum of 5mQ or less, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery.

Soft pack lithium battery

(5) Good cycle performance

The cycle life of the soft pack lithium battery is longer. Besides, the attenuation of 100 cycles is 4%~7% less than that of the aluminum case.

(6) More flexible design

The shape of the soft pack lithium battery can be designed according to the requirements of customers to meet their different needs. It can be made into a variety of irregular soft pack lithium batteries. The ordinary aluminum shell can only be 4mm, and the soft pack can be 0.5mm.

(7) Soft-pack lithium batteries are more suitable for applications that are portable and require high space or thickness, such as 3C consumer electronics.

2. Strengths of aluminum case lithium battery

(1) The battery aluminum case has high specific strength, specific modulus, fracture toughness, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance stability.

Because of the following characteristics of aluminum alloy materials, it has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, high-speed trains, machinery manufacturing, transportation and chemical industries:

Low density, non-magnetic, stable alloy at low temperature stage, less resistance to magnetic field, good air tightness, and fast decay of induction radiation.

(2) The surface treatment of the battery aluminum shell is mainly through electrostatic spraying, and its color is also very rich. The colors generally include off-white, dark gray, black, and army green.

(3) The battery aluminum shell has the advantages of aluminum alloy, and is also has the characteristics of light weight, durable molding and so on.

Aluminum Case Lithium Battery

(4) The battery aluminum shell has strong plasticity and its production performance is better than other profiles. Besides, it has good casting performance. These characteristics give it a good advantage in production.

(5) The aluminum shell of the battery is treated by two processes of cold and hot, so that it has strong corrosion resistance. This makes aluminum-cased batteries safer.

(6) The shell also has good ductility, making it a lightweight alloy with many metal elements. Its chemical properties are stable, non-magnetic, recyclable, and it is a good recyclable metal material.

3.Strengths of steel case lithium battery

Steel shells are widely used in cylindrical lithium batteries. Most manufacturers use steel as the battery shell material. Its main advantages are as follows:

Steel case lithium battery

The physical stability and pressure resistance of steel materials are much higher than those of aluminum shell materials. After each manufacturer’s optimization of the design structure, the safety device has been placed inside the battery core, and the safety of the steel shell cylindrical lithium battery has reached a new height. At present, most of the battery cells of notebook computers use steel shells as carriers. 

The following lithium batteries are all with steel cases.


The above is the introduction of the respective advantages of soft-pack lithium batteries, aluminum-case lithium batteries, and steel-case lithium batteries. In short, they all have their own advantages, so the selection should be based on your own needs.

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