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DLN Energy 600W Portable Power Station

DLN 600W portable power station / supply

DLN 600W portable power station ( portable power supply ) is mainly featured by fast charge, large capacity and high power ( supportive for the 220V high-power electrical appliances ). It’s a very practical product, because it can be used not only for outdoor activities, but also for home emergency storage and car power supply. The following is a detailed description about this product.

  • Wattage:  600 W
  • Power Source:  Solar Powered, Battery Powered
  • Recommended Uses For Product:  Camping
  • Voltage:  220 V / 110 V
  • Output Wattage:  600 W
  • Special Feature:  Portable
  • Included Components:  Battery Pack
  • Gross weight of carton: 8 KG

Nice and portable

First of all, the appearance design of this portable power station is very exquisite, with the moderate volume which is convenient to carry.

Its color matching and shape are eye-catching and delighting, and it is a very modern product.

Portable Power Station 600W-3
Portable Power Station 600W-2

High Power

Secondly, the large power of this portable power station is able to meet the needs of a variety of electrical appliances.

For example, it can charge electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and cameras. It can also provide power for small electrical appliances such as rice cookers and electric fans.

In outdoor activities, it can provide power support for lamps, tents, kettles and other equipment, which is very practical.

Outdoor portable power station

Fast and intelligent charge

In addition, the charging speed of DLN 600W power station is also very fast. It supports both solar and mains charging, which can fully charge the battery pack in a very short time.

At the same time, it also has the intelligent charging function, which can automatically adjust the charging current according to the power of the electrical appliance and the power of the battery to ensure the service life and safety of the battery.

Portable power station for outdoor camping

Multiple safety protection

Finally, this portable power supply also has multiple safety protection functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, and overvoltage, which can effectively protect the safety of batteries and electrical appliances.

At the same time, it also supports a variety of usage scenarios such as camping mode and car mode, which can be adjusted according to different needs.

Nice tips: get one at home

In the season when typhoon and severe weather occur frequently, people in places deeply affected by typhoon and other severe weathers can always keep a fully charged potable power station at home for emergencies.

Because the typhoon or other bad weathers may damage the circuit and cause a power outage. And if you have a portable power supply at home, it can temporarily meet the basic electricity needs.


In general, our DLN 600W portable power station is a very practical product, with its high power, fast charging speed, and complete safety protection functions, able to meet many different needs. Meanwhile, its appearance design is also very exquisite, which is a very modern product. If you need a practical portable power supply product, this 600W high-power and large-capacity portable power station is definitely a good choice.

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