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How Does Overnight Charging Affect A Phone?

The influence of overnight charging of a phone

Overnight charging may be bad for your phone. Although modern phones are often equipped with smart charging protection features that automatically stop charging when the battery is full, prolonged charging can cause the phone’s battery to heat up. And that can be detrimental to battery life and may even cause safety concerns.

In addition, charging for a long time will also increase the temperature of the mobile phone battery. And high temperature has a great impact on battery life. Therefore, in order to protect the battery of the mobile phone, it is recommended not to charge it overnight. It is best to charge it when the battery is low, and try to avoid charging to 100%. If you have to charge overnight, it is recommended to use the original charger, do not use a charger from an unknown brand, and do not use a charger that charges too fast.

Overnight Charging

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