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What Is SOC for Lithium Battery?

Brief introduction of SOC for Lithium Battery

SOC for Lithium Battery is the state of charge of the lithium batteryState of Charge ), that is, the remaining power of the lithium battery.

In fact, it is what we commonly call “remaining power”, usually expressed in percentage. For example, an SOC of 50% means that the lithium battery has used half of its power. SOC is an important parameter to evaluate the state of charge and service life of lithium batteries.

SOC for Lithium Battery

When the SOC of the lithium battery is close to 100%, its voltage will gradually increase to reach the fully charged state of the lithium battery.

When the SOC is close to 0%, the voltage of the lithium battery will gradually decrease to reach the cut-off voltage of the lithium battery.

Therefore, it is very important to monitor the SOC of lithium batteries to avoid the impact of overcharging and discharging on the life of lithium batteries. Some electronic devices and electric vehicles will display the current SOC of the lithium battery on the interface or display.

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