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Custom Lithium Battery Pack - A Lucrative Venture in Manufacturing

Processing 10 sets daily, with a profit of $650 .

Look at the following examples, and you will know how profitable the custom lithium battery packs business is!

  • The production cost of a mobile phone lithium battery is less than USD 2, but its selling price will not be lower than USD 7.
  • And the cost of an electric vehicle lithium battery is less than USD 45, its selling price will not be lower than USD100.

However, the time required to process a custom lithium battery pack is less than 30 minutes.

Introduction of custom lithium battery processing

In this post, we’re going to talk about a highly popular and immensely profitable entrepreneurial venture: Custom Lithium Battery Processing. This is a low-capital project that doesn’t require substantial initial investment in large-scale equipment. 

You can get started with as little as USD 30 to USD 45. The process is also straightforward, with just one person and around 20 square meters of unused space required for production. Once the market opens up, you can process 10-13 sets a day, resulting in a pure profit of up to  or even over 650 dollars.

In addition to catering to special groups such as delivery drivers, food delivery personnel, errand runners, and taxi drivers in emerging markets who have unique demands for customized lithium batteries, there’s also a significant demand for outdoor streetlight lithium battery customization, electric tool lithium batteries, agricultural machinery lithium batteries, lawnmower lithium batteries, and many more.

However, the inherent shortcomings of original batteries like short battery life and long charging times no longer meet their requirements, making the customized lithium battery pack market incredibly promising. Those who have entered this field tailor various lithium battery solutions based on users’ vehicle dimensions and desired battery range, earning substantial profits.

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What are needed for your custom lithium battery pack business?

This venture requires a very minimal investment. It doesn’t demand extensive equipment or stockpiling. Since it is custom products, typically, the materials are procured and processed after receiving customer orders, which has almost no investment risk.

The processing setup necessitates an idle garage or space of at least 20 square meters. As for tools, you can purchase and assemble them yourself, with costs not exceeding USD 300.

Equipment generally includes a battery testing device, a battery cell connector, a heat-sealing packaging tool, a soldering iron, and a multimeter. 

With just these straightforward pieces of equipment, it’s entirely possible to meet the demand of assembling over 10 sets of lithium batteries per day. So why not start this business right now? You can purchase 18650 lithium batteries from DLN Energy or be a DLN 18650 battery distributor first to lay a strong foundation for your custom lithium battery business.

As the project grows, you can consider adding a BATTERY CHARGING RACK.

Battery Analyzer

Battery Analyzer

Battery Tester and Charging Rack

Battery Tester & Charging Rack

IR Tester

IQC / Assembly
IR Tester

Shrink Machine

Shrink Machine

Soldering Station

Soldering Station

Nickle Cutting Machine

Nickle Cutting Machine

Hot Air Blower

Hot Air Blower


Multi – Meter

These lithium batteries are all custom-made products, and the selling price varies significantly from one battery set to another, resulting in varying levels of profit.

Since this industry is relatively new, the profit margins are quite high. As I know, the profit for one set of lithium batteries used in electric bicycles is around USD 40 – USD 70. For electric tricycles it’s around USD70 – USD120, and for electric cars, it’s approximately USD 140 – 220.

If you manage to process 10 sets a day, you could easily make over USD 550 to USD 750 per day.

DLN Energy 18650 Lithium Battery

Essential components for lithium battery pack processing - Quality Lithium Batteries

The most crucial aspect of custom lithium battery processing is how to find suitable battery cells.

It’s important for everyone to explore multiple options, compare them, and locate manufacturers with quality assurance.

Ideally, you should aim for those covered by insurance and offering a three-year warranty. Generally, lithium batteries can last for more than five years, but reputable manufacturers can offer a warranty for up to three years. This way, you can also promise your customers a “three-year warranty.”

DLN Energy was established in 2019, with three large-scale production bases. Our product quality is reliable. By choosing us as your battery cell supplier, you can ensure that your battery’s quality is impeccable.Your market will soon flourish.

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Key Points for Custom Lithium Battery Processing

(1) Custom lithium battery processing is a highly promising venture. Sourcing quality battery cells is crucial for ensuring product quality.

(2) Lithium batteries are inflammable, so the assembly process must adhere to standards. Early stages should involve learning and experimentation.

(3) Avoid stockpiling inventory initially. It’s best to collaborate with influential figures in delivery, food delivery, errand running, and taxi services to pilot partnerships and open up the market.

(4) Consider engaging in wholesale and retail operations with automobile dealerships or electric vehicle repair shops to expand market share.

(5) Explore online promotion to extend product reach to markets in other regions and beyond.

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